I am a teacher, a learner, a thinker and a maker. I have always had a passion for teaching and have developed a strong urge to express myself through the making of art jewellery.   With great attention to detail, I am continuously driven by the constant challenge the materials and techniques present and the problem solving aspect involved in designing one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. I continue to use traditional metasmithing techniques but now after completing my MFA at NSCAD university I am drawn to my exploration with alternative materials and furthering my research with themes of identity and the in-between space.

NSCAD University has played a crucial role in helping me define and refine myself as both an artist and teacher. Within its nurturing, creative and innovative walls, I have gained a Bachelors of Design, a Bachelors of Fine Arts (Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing) and most recently, a Masters of Fine Arts.

Today I continue to pursue these roles through my work as Studio Coordinator at The Centre for Craft Nova Scotia and instructor at NSCAD University. I continue to push myself professionally through passion projects by co-founding  Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society.